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Our design is perfectly designed to block electromagnetic waves.
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Our Story

We will protect you and your child from electromagnetic waves 24 hours a day.

Protect your baby and our baby from electromagnetic waves
Protective clothing for pregnant women
The birth of a deformed child due to electromagnetic waves is a social issue for thousands of people every year.
Among electromagnetic waves, microwave ovens and smartphone electrons are energy waves that react with water, and are energy waves that distort DNA (gene chain) in the course of cell division, cause mutation by cutting off the chain, or prevent normal cell division.
Every year, many electronic devices, especially smartphones, emit a large amount of electromagnetic waves, making them a deadly factor in the birth of a fetus, but there are no functional maternity pants that can defend it at present.
The most dangerous electromagnetic waves are electromagnetic waves in the 2.45Ghz band, which induces the oscillation of moisture in the microwave oven. Most smartphones currently in use use electromagnetic waves very close to this band.
Experimentally, energy levels of enough energy to fry popcorn using three smartphones are commonly exposed to the fetus in our environment.
This is also a negative factor in brain development for growing infants.
We have developed a hat that protects the baby from electromagnetic waves and protects the brain of infants.

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